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Sustainable Ocean Alliance empowers the next generation to become leaders in preserving ocean health and sustainability. The Ocean Leadership Program builds the capacity of Ocean Leaders by providing education (Ocean Learning Labs educational curriculum), facilitating connections (Ocean Youth Leadership Summit and Mobilize digital networking platform), and supporting grass roots action (Ocean Solutions Hubs). The organization believes that by providing young leaders with education, resources and opportunities, they will create measurable impact on our ocean and become integral forces of change.

The Ocean Leaders Project

Image Courtesy of Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Through Sustainable Ocean Alliance, the Swarovski Foundation supports Ocean Leaders (aged 13 -35 working in ocean conservation in 165 countries) to implement river clean-up projects, promote education, networking, and leadership development through the Ocean Learning Labs, a free educational program to empower young ocean stakeholders to take local action.

The aim of the project is to educate and empower young people (through webinars, digital toolkits, and connection with a global community of mentors) to address the issue of ocean plastic pollution through behavior change and project-based initiatives in their local communities. This curriculum is meant to be experienced in conjunction with the webinars and is self-guided but can be delivered by an instructor as well. Digital resource toolkits then give specific instructions on what kind of plastics-related projects can be undertaken and how.

Unmasking Plastic Ocean Learning Lab

Image Courtesy of Sustainable Ocean Alliance

The Unmasking Plastic Ocean Learning Lab is a series of webinars in which expert voices provide a holistic and diverse perspective on the plastic problem and its solutions. The effects of plastic pollution are becoming more visible and the world is waking up to the reality that plastics are simply not being disposed of properly. Recycling is not working - only 2% of plastics are effectively recycled.

The Unmasking Plastic webinar series seeks to go beyond recycling to understand why plastics exist, who is producing them, and the wide-ranging effects on our social, cultural, political, and environmental landscapes. To do this, SOA will draw upon a diverse group of global experts with wide-ranging experiences and expertise. This series is generously supported by the Swarovski Foundation.

La Academia

Image Courtesy of Sustainable Ocean Alliance

La Academia is an online course that educates Spanish-speaking young people interested in ocean conservation through seminars conducted by experts, multimedia educational content, and weekly assignments. With the Swarovski Foundation's support, 225 students will be reached and learn about the following topics: