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Image Courtesy of Andrew Ling/Unsplash

Waterkeeper Alliance is a global organization with a mission to strengthen and grow a global network of grassroots leaders protecting everyone’s right to clean water. It is the largest and fastest growing global non-profit solely focused on clean water, uniting a global network of 350 Waterkeeper groups protecting more than 2.7 million square miles of rivers, lakes and coastal waterways in 46 countries.

Waterkeeper Alliance’s unique niche in the environmental clean water space is their ability to mobilize and work directly with local grass-roots member organizations on the ground, in order to effectively campaign and advocate on issues of regional, national, and international concern.

The Great Lakes Initiative

Image Courtesy of Chauncey Moran/Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve

The Swarovski Foundation is supporting the project “Great Lakes Initiative: Drinkable Great Lakes-Protecting the Source” focused on source water protection and maintaining the water quality of the shared drinking water supply in the region. The Great Lakes Initiative is part of Project Osiris, a detailed plan to protect all of our planet’s 20 million square miles of accessible, habitable watersheds by 2040.

Named after the Egyptian god who supports life through the Nile River, Project Osiris will ensure there are well-trained Waterkeepers around the world to patrol waters, discover pollution, hold polluters accountable, advocate for clean water, strengthen legal protection, and raise public awareness about threats to local water resources.

Project Osiris begins with a strategic focus on the 15 most endangered and iconic waterways in the world - including the Great Lakes in the United States.