Our Global Impact

We are proud to share our annual report for 2020.

This report gives an overview of the Foundation in general and highlights results that have been achieved around the world in 2020.
The Swarovski Foundation was set up in 2013 to honor the philanthropic spirit of Daniel Swarovski, who founded the crystal business 126 years ago in the Tyrolean Alps.

Today, we continue to follow his founding principles by supporting global projects that benefit Culture and Creativity, Human Empowerment and the Environment.
Our work is rooted in values such as honesty, respect towards individuals and communities, responsibility, kindness and empathy.

In addition to our focus on both people and the planet, the Swarovski Foundation is also committed to foster sustainable development, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations in 2015.

As the pandemic swept the globe in 2020, these values were critical in sustaining the work we do with our inspiring partners.

Find out more about our 2020 impact below, or download our full report here.
Our Global Footprint

Our Global Footprint

In 2020, we have positively impacted the lives of 83,000 people, supporting 21 organisations across 24 countries.

Our Global Reach

Since 2013, we have reached 600,000 people globally and supported 55 charitable organisations across 47 countries.

Our Global Reach

As we emerge from the global pandemic, we have a chance to rethink, re-imagine and repurpose our world.

Science and technology can help us find solutions to our most urgent challenges, such as climate change, inequality and poverty.

With the UN also designating 2021 as International Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, the Swarovski Foundation recognizes more than ever the potential of the creative industries for generational leadership in this vital area.

That is why we have launched Swarovski Foundation: Creatives for Our Future, which supports initiatives, learning opportunities, and mentorship programs to empower talented young people.

As highlighted by our Chair, Nadja Swarovski, “better and brighter days lie ahead, and together we will strive to bring hope and positivity in our mission to spark long-lasting change for a better world”.