Human empowerment

The Swarovski Foundation believes that there is potential in every individual. The Foundation is committed to initiatives in education and health, seeks to shine a light on gender equality, and promotes the welfare of women, young people and the disadvantaged.

Emergency response - Human empowerment

COVID-19 Response
United Kingdom and United States

The Swarovski Foundation supported The Fuel for Heroes campaign which provided healthy meals to frontline NHS health workers and their families. In response to the global pandemic and shortages in PPE, our Foundation also supported our partner NEST with launching its PPE Purchasing Initiative. The Swarovski Foundation also supported the FIT Student Emergency Fund to directly help Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) students struggling with issues like food insecurity, medical issues, housing and travel challenges, and tuition payments.

Refugee Crisis

The Swarovski Foundation has supported refugees around the world by partnering with organisations such as Save the Children and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Together, we have provided food, shelter, health kits and other necessities to help families who have been forced to leave their homes. We have supported young refugees with vocational training to to help them build brighter futures.