Daniel Swarovski understood that if a business is to thrive, so must the environment and people on which it depends. In 1895 he set up his workshop in Wattens, Austria, where mountain streams offered plentiful water for the cutting process, and a source of clean renewable power through hydropower. Five generations later, the same un-spoilt Tyrolean valley remains the headquarters of the family company.

The desire to take care of the natural world remains central to Swarovski’s ethos, and
the Foundation builds on this legacy by supporting projects and organizations that promote the protection of the environment.  

Emergency response - Environment

Australian Wildfires

The fires in Australia in 2019 and 2020 forced more than a quarter of a million people from their homes and killed more than half a billion animals. The Foundation’s support for the Australian Red Cross helped provide food, water and relief items, as well as psychological first aid to reduce trauma and distress.

Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami

Following the 2018 earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia, which killed more than 4,300 people, the Swarovski Foundation supported the Red Cross in their relief efforts – helping to build shelters and provide medical treatment for others affect by the crisis.