Volunteer Day: The Power of Collective Action
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International Volunteer Day reminds us that collective action, no matter how small, can contribute to positive change. The collective impact of volunteering helps address some of the rising inequalities in the world as we work together to find common solutions for a brighter future.

Volunteer Day is a powerful reminder for us all to join hands in a unified effort to make a difference. Today not only highlights the diverse opportunities for volunteering but also amplifies the importance of community engagement. With this in mind, we recognise the invaluable efforts of our global colleagues who have come together throughout this year to volunteer their time and skills to various causes. See below some of our employee’s volunteering experiences with our global partners.

Teach for Thailand

In June, employees from Swarovski Manufacturing Thailand welcomed 20 students and 4 teachers from 2 schools in Thailand as part of the Swarovski Foundation’s partnership with Teach for Thailand.

The initiative included an introduction to Swarovski Manufacturing Thailand and a tour of the factory to help students learn about jewellery production processes. Employees organised career workshops to share their expertise with the students and encourage them to think about their own professional futures. They had an opportunity to interview employees from different departments and get an understanding of day-to-day responsibilities and pathways into those careers.

Waterschool Australia

In November, students from Sydney participated in the Waterschool Australia event by sharing their learnings and projects through peer teaching workshops for their classmates. Employees volunteered by supporting with the set up and participating throughout the event, a volunteer shared:

“The Swarovski Foundation Waterschool event in partnership with Earthwatch was a wonderful opportunity to get involved and support a cause that is part of our brand’s DNA. Not only did I walk away with learnings around water conservation, but it was evident that all the participating schools took immense value from each and every workshop. The sheer passion and effort that was poured into the day by both students and teachers alike was so lovely to see, and it just served to demonstrate that there is still so much potential to make a difference through this program. I feel so fortunate to have been able to play a small part in such an important day.”

International Volunteer Day shows the positive impact individuals can have when they come together. These collective efforts made a tangible difference in many people’s lives and promote a culture of philanthropy that extends beyond a single day.

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