‍The Swarovski Foundation supports UNHCR with people displaced by flooding in Pakistan
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The Swarovski Foundation has recently donated to UK for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency’s charity partner, to support the agency’s relief work in flood-hit parts of Pakistan.

Since June, torrential rains and flash floods have swept across Pakistan, displacing nearly 8 million people –including thousands of Afghan refugees – and forcing almost 600,000 to shelter in relief sites. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is continuing to support the Government-led relief efforts, as the situation remains dire.

UNHCR has delivered over 1 million life-saving items, including tents, solar lanterns, and hygiene kits, for distribution. Additionally, UNHCR has recently started airlifting urgent relief supplies to help Pakistan’s most vulnerable communities. It is also coordinating to transfer some supplies, including buckets, sleeping mats and tarpaulins, by sea.

It could take months for flood waters to recede completely, but with the help of partners like the SwarovskiFoundation, UNHCR will continue to support flood-affected people.

Emma Cherniavsky, Chief Executive of UK for UNHCR, added:

“We are incredibly grateful to the Swarovski Foundation for their generous donation to support UNHCR’s work in Pakistan. Millions of flood survivors are in desperate need, including many refugee families already displaced from neighbouring Afghanistan. UNHCR staff are on the ground providing essential relief and supplies, but the needs remain acute for displaced people in flood-hit areas of Pakistan.”

Marisa Schiestl-Swarovski, Chair of the Swarovski Foundation, added:

“We value our longstanding partnership with UNHCR and continue to support today with focus on the emergency floods in Pakistan and consistently UNHCR’s global emergency efforts in the future. The Swarovski Foundation is committed to listening to what is happening around the world and taking action by bringing relief and support to communities affected by environmental and social challenges.”

Since 2019, the Swarovski Foundation has been a valued partner of UK for UNHCR with their ongoing support for those forced to flee. Previously, the Swarovski Foundation supported 300 young refugees in Greece to receive vocational training and language courses to help their search for meaningful employment and create long-term social integration.

More recently, the Swarovski Foundation also donated to help provide life-saving aid for those fleeing the war in Ukraine and support for less high-profile, underfunded emergencies in Iraq, Syria and South Sudan.

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