The Swarovski Foundation: A Decade of Empowering Change
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As we conclude the Swarovski Foundation's 10th anniversary, we reflect on a year filled with pivotal moments - inspiring collaborations, impactful initiatives, and meaningful contributions. Looking back at our decade of impact, we remain steadfast in our mission to promote sustainable livelihoods through education to reduce inequality and acknowledge the power of partnerships and collective action in building a brighter and more sustainable future.

Brazil: Protecting Water for a Sustainable Future

To kick-start our 10th anniversary, the Swarovski Foundation spotlighted Brazil's critical water challenges, particularly in the Amazon region, where one-fifth of the world's freshwater resides. Partnering with Fundação Amazônia Sustentável, the Waterschool program has been instrumental in educating 18,000 young minds across 135 schools, fostering a deep appreciation for water sustainability. The Swarovski Foundation’s Director, Jakhya Rahman-Corey, emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts to protect vital water sources.

The 10th-anniversary events in São Paulo included engaging discussions along the Pinheiros River, tackling issues of inequality and promoting sustainable livelihoods. The Foundation's commitment extended to customers through an exclusive event at the Swarovski store, underlining the positive impact of the Waterschool program. With gratitude, Carla Assumpção, Swarovski General Manager for Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, highlighted the significance of local collaborations in maintaining a clean and sustainable ecosystem.

Austria: Fostering Global Collaboration

Mid-year the Swarovski Foundation convened global partners, advocates, and colleagues in Wattens for a series of workshops and panel discussions. With a focus on Equity, Water, and Creativity, these sessions provided a collaborative platform to share insights and strategies. The Foundation's commitment to promoting sustainable livelihoods through education to reduce inequality was echoed in a panel discussion featuring notable partners and experts.

The spotlight later turned to the Waterschool Austria program, showcased alongside partner Teach for Austria in Wattenberg. Demonstrations at six stations highlighted the collaborative efforts addressing water issues, ecological surveys, and sustainable practices. The Foundation's impact report, "The Story of the Swarovski Foundation: A Decade of Empowering Change" shares the Foundation's reach to over 2 million people through 85 partnerships across 93 countries.

New York: Innovators Shaping a Sustainable Future

In collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships, the Swarovski Foundation marked its 10th anniversary at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Recognizing six young innovators through the Creatives For Our Future program, the Foundation raised awareness around these ground-breaking projects which address the Sustainable Development Goals.

From Nigeria to the United Kingdom, these innovators showcased projects ranging from clean light sources to sustainable textiles and cosmetics. Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, commended the Foundation's decade-long commitment to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. The evening in New York marked a year dedicated to philanthropy, recognizing the impact of the Creatives For Our Future cohort members.

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