Natural Beauties Photography Competition
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This year for World Environment Day, we invited our community of employees to join our “Natural Beauties” Photography Contest by submitting a photograph taken by them to show their connection, love and care for the environment in all its forms.

We are excited to announce the winner of the Photography Contest is Giovana Lobo Kurzatkowski with her 'Green Heart' photograph. 

This photograph shows Giovana's daughter carrying trimmed grass to the chickens in their backyard. Giovana explains they have no leftover waste in their kitchen and do not support the aggressive chicken farm system. They share their eggs among their family and neighbors and the cycle is completed because it's natural, beautiful and simple.

Please find some of the wonderful photography competition entries below:

We encourage all of you to become part of the generation that will restore our environment once and for all. LET'S BE BOLD, NOT TIMID.

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