Creatives for Our Future Impact Report Launches on World Creativity & Innovation Day
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In celebration of World Creativity and Innovation Day, the Swarovski Foundation launch the Creatives for Our Future Impact report which tells the story of a group of global innovators chosen to form the 2021 Creatives for Our Future cohort, their eight-month journey on the program, and the advocates who helped shape their ideas into models for a sustainable future.


The Swarovski Foundation launched Creatives for Our Future, a global mentorship and grant initiative, in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships. With a focus on the brightest young talents in design, engineering and the arts, the program’s goal is to identify and accelerate the next generation of creative leaders in sustainable development.

Creatives For Our Future builds on the Swarovski Foundation’s commitment to foster creativity and drive positive change through cultural, educational and advocacy collaborations. The program leverages the Foundation’s ability to combine investment and education with a stakeholder network crossing borders and industries.


The nine rising stars chosen from around the world for Creatives for Our Future re-imagined sustainable design through nine innovative projects, which ranged from synthetic coral and a card-game for learning sign language, to fabric made from stories, and leather made from tea.

To develop their ideas, the young participants were given chances to network, connect and collaborate with some of the brightest minds in sustainable design, and to be paired with an individual mentor.

Over the eight months of the program, they relished the guidance the mentors offered on how to bring their projects to reality; their advice on business plans to make them more commercially viable; their help to build a sustainable community of their own, and to understand the importance of education in society.

Yara Edwina, 2021

As the UN’s Decade of Action unfolds, we can look forward to the Creatives for Our Future cohort driving progress toward its Sustainable Development Goals — and bringing their unique visions to the wider world.


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