Celebrating International Day of Education Through Sustainable Partnerships
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In light of International Day of Education, we proudly share our commitment to promoting sustainable livelihoods through education to reduce inequality through our key focus areas Equity, Water and Creativity.

2023 Swarovski Foundation Jewellery Scholars at Central Saint Martins


With the aim to advance creative talent through our partnership with Central Saint Martins, we are proud to empower and support talented students such as our recent fashion and jewellery scholars: Asa Briet, Inok Chung, Isabella McKinlay, Fariha Ahmed, Richard Farbey and Miles Robinson.

Our partnership with Central Saint Martins goes beyond education; it’s about pioneering conscious design that shapes a sustainable future for the creative industry. Each of these inspiring fashion and jewellery design students has demonstrated exceptional talent, skills and a passion for sustainable design and production.

Together, we celebrate the power of education and creativity, shaping a future where conscious design is at the forefront of innovation.

Room to Read's Girls Education Programme Supported by the Swarovski Foundation


Education has the potential to transform lives globally, yet 129 million girls are still out of school according to UNICEF.

On this International Day of Education, we acknowledge the remarkable work of our partner Room to Read. Since 2015, our support of their ‘Girls Education Programme’ has empowered over 1,300 girls from Bangladesh,Cambodia, Nepal, Laos, India, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

The 'Girls Education Programme' provides adolescent girls with life skills education, mentoring, material support, and family engagement, enabling them to continue their education and overcome any obstacles.

As advocates for literacy and gender equality, we take pride in contributing to a world without barriers to education.

Swarovski Foundation Waterschool Australia program implemented by partner EarthWatch Australia


Our commitment extends to Earthwatch Australia, where we partner through our Waterschool program to empower students and communities worldwide as water ambassadors, addressing local water challenges with tools and training.

Since 2021, our partnership with EarthWatch Australia has inspired over 850 students to practice sustainable water use to safeguard health, wellbeing and the availability of clean water for people and planet.

Applications for the 2024 Waterschool Australia programme are now open, find out how you can apply here.

Join us in building a future where education, equity, water and creativity intertwine to create meaningful and lasting impact.

Room to Read's Girls Education Program Support by the Swarovski Foundation

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