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Breaking Boundaries

Image Courtesy of Superar

Superar is an initiative, empowering children and young people regardless of their socio-economic background, through active music-making to overcome their socio-economic boundaries. Superar’s unique selling point lies in its holistic approach to education with all the benefits of a quality music education for their personal development.

Lifting their perspectives and broadening their horizon as they get in touch with people, institutions and environments that they are not normally exposed to without pulling them out of their well-known surrounding, creating a community, giving safety to discover their capabilities. Superar have currently reached over 3,000 children in 7 European countries.

Access to Music Education

Image Courtesy of Superar

The Swarovski Foundation helps to support Superar, giving participants access to quality music education as a tool to address the challenges in their lives. By 2021, our support will help provide high-level music education for 110 children regardless of their socio-economic background.

This important education will help these children to gain experience performing in front of new audiences in concert halls, obtain new perspectives for their educational career and allow young teachers to develop their social and pedagogic skills further. In 2018, the Swarovski Foundation supported Superar to help 85 children with limited access to musical education to obtain orchestra and choir classes and acquire key artistic and life skills.

Superar's Core Teaching Principles

Image Courtesy of Superar