The Swarovski Foundation supports women’s empowerment, the development of young people and of communities with initiatives in education. Supporting programs which enable women to overcome social barriers, and engaging with organizations that employ new approaches to teaching, helps improve the quality of life for communities around the world.


Ark’s mission is to ensure that all children worldwide have access to an excellent education, regardless of their background. In 2015, Ark opened its first primary school in Delhi with support from the Swarovski Foundation. Future plans include creating a network of high quality primary schools in partnership with the Indian government, providing new educational opportunities for disadvantaged children and furthering Ark’s mission to promote education for disadvantaged youth across the globe.


Cancer Aid Tyrol promotes cancer research projects and provides counseling support to patients in the Tyrol region of Austria, 82% of which are women. Swarovski Foundation supports Cancer Aid Tyrol's efforts - including an initiative which provides free access to their Call Line, a resource for key information and emotional support from psychologists and psycho-therapists. Available for both patients, and family and friends of those affected  by cancer.



The Swarovski Foundation donated to Médecins Sans Frontières and Oxfam to support the fight against Ebola. The donation helped these organizations take immediate action to stop the spread of the virus through funding prevention programs, training health staff in infection control and providing essential equipment.



Support for a lecture series to educate on and raise awareness of preventative healthcare issues and ultimately improve health literacy in Austria, especially within the vulnerable target group of women aged 55+.



The Swarovski Foundation has partnered with Moorfields Eye Charity to tackle the epidemic of avoidable blindness in West Africa, providing essential equipment to a new stand-alone eye centre and surgical training facility at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana. This will enable the hospital to train new healthcare workers to deliver sight-saving care to people in West Africa and will directly address diabetic retinopathy, the leading cause of avoidable blindness, which affects over 54,00 people in the area.



As part of its Wellbeing pillar, the Swarovski Foundation promotes human rights through providing access to key services, which increases the independence and basic wellbeing of disabled populations in developing countries. It does so by supporting the charity Motivation in providing disabled children and adults proper wheelchairs, in order to increase their survival rate and ability to survive. Motivation provides education, information and equipment necessary for them to be fully mobile and able to take an active role in their community. Whether this is through employment, or, for children, through the ability to attend local schools.


The Swarovski Foundation, in partnership with Nest, promotes programs that increase the wellbeing of women artisans working in communities in Varanasi, India. The grant supports the restoration of the 500 year-old silk weaving tradition of women artisans whose livelihoods have been threatened by power looms and the rise in cheap labor from the Far East.


The Swarovski Foundation is supporting the NSPCC’s ‘Letting the Future In’ service which helps children who have been abused to recover through play therapy, enabling them to come to terms with past abuse and take their first steps on the road to recovery


Room to Read’s innovative model focuses on a deep, systemic transformation within schools in developing countries, during both early primary school and secondary school, the two most critical time periods for children’s literacy acquisition and language development. During the course of one year, the Swarovski Foundation supports about 420 girls within the Girls Education program in India and Vietnam, in order for them to develop the interpersonal and social skills needed to negotiate key life decisions.




Building on the great relationships and impressive impact of Teach for Austria and Teach for Thailand, the Swarovski Foundation is now supporting Teach for America – New York to recruit, develop and support diverse, talented corps members (teaching Fellows) to teach in the New York public schools. Through this partnership we will reach 400 students in underserved schools, supporting, challenging, and inspiring them to become future leaders.


Teach for Austria is part of the international network Teach for All, which includes 35 sister organizations. As part of a three year partnership, the Swarovski Foundation is supporting Teach for Austria to transform education for Austria's most disadvantaged students by providing training and education to develop them as effective leaders. The Teach for Austria model offers teachers, known as Fellows, a basis for lifetime leadership and education advocacy whilst encouraging the sharing of best practices and promoting innovation. The partnership will reach over 900 children from low income backgrounds per year, and over the three year partnership 2,700 life paths will be forever changed.



Following its initial relationship with Teach for Austria, the Swarovski Foundation is extending its support for the education of disadvantaged young people to Teach for Thailand. Through the Teach for Thailand program, Fellows work to transform the lives of Thailand’s most disadvantaged students, in return gaining life-long leadership skills and becoming advocates for a renewed positive vision in classrooms and across societies. 



Swarovski Foundation is pleased to support a full MSc Social Development Practice scholarship at the Development Planning Unit (DPU) of University College London (UCL), The Bartlett. This course explores the processes of social change, mobilization, and development that can generate greater equity and well-being for people with diverse identities living in cities of the Global South. Through participating on the course, the Swarovski Foundation Scholar will gain the practical skills and theoretical understanding needed to address the challenges and complexities of the field of Social Development.


The Swarovski Foundation is supporting Save the Children efforts to address the growing worldwide refugee crisis by providing food, shelter, health kits and other key provisions to help families whom have been forced to leave their homes.



Women for Women International aims to give women in conflict-affected countries access to knowledge and economic resources, so they can lead the change towards peaceful societies. Over the next three years, the partnership will enable about 500 women in Nigeria to transform their lives by participating in a year-long holistic training program to help them build income generating skills, know their rights, improve their health and wellbeing and connect to networks for support.