The Foundation provides emergency aid and relief support throughout the world during periods of conflict and unpredictable natural disasters. Issued in times of immediate need, such as the Ebola Crisis in 2014, the Nepal Earthquake and the World Refugee Crisis in 2015, this aid is designed to alleviate affected peoples and rebuild communities. 


The Swarovski Foundation donated to Médecins Sans Frontières and Oxfam to support the fight against Ebola. The donation helped these organizations take immediate action to stop the spread of the virus through funding prevention programs, training health staff in infection control and providing essential equipment.


Following the earthquake crisis in Nepal, the Swarovski Foundation supported  the Shikshya Foundation Nepal to respond to the large-scale humanitarian emergency left in the wake of the natural disaster. By supporting the Shikshya Foundation Nepal, they were able to provide the affected communities with immediate disaster relief as well as aid for the community’s sustainable rebuilding efforts.



The Swarovski Foundation is supporting Save the Children efforts to address the growing worldwide refugee crisis by providing food, shelter, health kits and other key provisions to help families whom have been forced to leave their homes.